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Get On Top is an addictive and challenging game, that kills boring times. You can go with friends into competitive and thrilling matches, proving who is the superior keyboard warrior. In this flash based game, two stick figures are set up, interlocking arms, with the task to maneuver in order to cause the opposing stick figure to hit his head on the ground. Player 1, also the left player, controls his character by using the «W» «A» «S» «D» keys, while Player 2, the right player, controls his character by using the «UP» «LEFT» «DOWN» «RIGHT» arrow keys. While simple in design, Get On Top game creates a unique experience of both strategic and rapid key movement. Both players battle it out on a round basis, and after each win, a player is awarded one point. The game continues in this format until one player reaches eleven points. After eleven points are reached by a player, that player is declared the winner.

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